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Online Training

Cyber Security Training

No matter how secure your IT systems are, your first and last line of defence against cybercriminals is the awareness of your staff.

Online Training

Our Cyber Security Services

Cyber Essentials

Supreme Systems can help you to get your school Cyber Essentials certified in just a few days, our system is simple and proven.

Spam Filtering

Automatically scans your emails and removes junk and malicious emails before they reach your inbox.

Software Updating & Ransomware Protection

The latest security and quality of life features available and incorporates a cutting-edge ransomware protection.


Provided by world leader in cyber-security, ESET, this industry leading antivirus solution, is robust and yet easy on your computer’s resources, so as not to impact the productivity of your users.

Web Filtering

Protects your network and your users by restricting access to websites that contain viruses, Inappropriate or harmful content, or sites that violate intellectual property rights.

Backup for Workstations

Backs up all the information on your computer, protecting you in the event of accidental deletion or from a lost or stolen device.

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