Cyber Essentials Certification for Metallisation Ltd.

Founded in 1922, Metallisation are a UK developer, manufacturer, and worldwide supplier of metal spraying equipment and consumables. This West Midlands based business offers unrivalled expertise in surface and application engineering and are renowned for their excellent customer service.

Supreme Systems have provided IT support and associated services to Metallisation for over 10 years and have become a trusted advisor in all things IT related.

Therefore, when Metallisation’s Financial Director, Pete Silcox, identified a need for their Company to become accredited with a cyber-security standard, in response to increasing compliance requirements from customers, it was Supreme Systems he contacted.

Metallisation is a technology-driven business and has always invested in their IT infrastructure, therefore we were confident, even before beginning the certification process, that many, if not all, of the required cyber-security measures, would be in-place.

We began by registering Metallisation with Cyber Smart, a Cyber Essentials and GDPR compliance evaluation and monitoring platform, with whom Supreme Systems have built a relationship over the past 2 years, via our partnership with Brigantia Partners. We then audited the Metallisation IT infrastructure against the 5 key controls required to meet the Cyber Essentials standard and documented the findings.

This information was entered into the Cyber Smart portal along with supporting evidence and information used to define the scope of the certification.

The primary benefit of using the Cyber Smart solution for submission is that information can be vetted before being sent to the certification body, to ensure that no mistakes are made, and submission fees are not squandered.

The submission process was completed within a day and notification of success was received 24 hours later.

Metallisation received their digital certificate of Cyber Essentials compliance shortly afterward, along with digital media that can be used on their website, email signatures, and letterheads. They also received a physical “paper” certificate, for display at their offices.

The Managing Director of Metallisation, Stuart Milton, said “When we needed Cyber Essentials to allow us to bid on a project, we knew we were in good shape due to the excellent relationship we have with Supreme Systems who have designed our IT architecture and security. They handled the process of achieving Cyber Essentials perfectly, understanding fully the needs and urgency of the request. It is a testament to their advice and actions already in place that made the process of certification so quick and easy. Our potential customer was impressed at how quickly we were able to demonstrate our IT security and it’s started the project off with a positive impression”.

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