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Our security audit will help identify where the weaknesses in your IT infrastructure may be. We spend a full day at your site reviewing the following:

  • Anti-virus
  • Router & Firewall
  • Other 3rd Party Applications
  • Access Rights
  • User Account Security
    • Remote Access
    • Wi-Fi Access
    • Servers
      • Web Filtering & Anti-Spam Provision
      • Email & Collaboration Tools
        • Your Existing IT Policies
        • Cloud Applications
        • Backup Provisions, plus conduct a test restore
        • Conduct a 15-minute knowledge assessment interview with five staff members
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            Software Updating & Ransomware Protection

            This combined service, from IT industry leader, Datto, automatically applies updates for your operating systems to ensure you always have the latest security and quality of life features available and incorporates a cutting-edge ransomware protection that monitors your device and will immediately isolate it in the event of an infection to prevent the spread.

            Web Filtering

            Provided by world leader in cyber-security, ESET, this fully configurable service protects your network and your users by restricting access to websites that contain viruses, Inappropriate or harmful content, or sites that violate intellectual property rights.

            Backup for Workstations

            This service, provided by data security experts, Datto, backs up all the information on your computer, protecting you in the event of accidental deletion or from a lost or stolen device and allows for virtually instant recovery when you need it the most. Your backups are kept for as long as you subscribe to the service, so it doesn’t matter if that file you can no longer find is a day, a year or even a decade old.

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            Backup for Software-as-a-Service

            Most people believe that services like Microsoft 365 & Google Workspaces automatically backup their data – but they do not. In fact, Microsoft specifically advise that 365 subscribers employ a 3rd party backup solution, and we can provide you with the best. This Datto service will backup all your information including your emails, your calendars and contacts, data stored in your personal storage and any files and documents that you have stored in services such as SharePoint.

            Spam Filtering

            Provided by the world leader in email security, Barracuda, this service automatically scans your emails and removes junk and malicious emails before they reach your inbox. You have complete control over the quarantine and the system will learn from any emails that you release or classify as junk to continually improve performance.


            Provided by world leader in cyber-security, ESET, this industry leading antivirus solution, consistently rated as the best available by cyber-security experts, is robust and yet easy on your computer’s resources, so as not to impact the productivity of your users.

            If you have any queries regarding our managed IT support and cyber-security services for schools located in Birmingham, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Coventry and throughout the West Midlands, please feel free to contact us.

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