Cyber Security Training

Your first and last line of defence against cybercriminals is the awareness of your staff.

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KnowBe4 is the World’s leading Cyber-Awareness Training service, approved by the UK’s National Cyber Security Council.

With a pool of over a thousand templates, that you can choose from to be relevant for your school, the simulated attacks are delivered at random times, to ensure that they are not predictable in any way, and each email uses selected information from the recipients account profile to be as authentic as possible. 

These emails are then monitored for any interactions and appropriate training is delivered accordingly and this training too is monitored to ensure that recipients engage with it. 

KnowBe4 includes access to training plans and multi-media resources covering all types of cyber-attacks and social engineering methods employed by criminals. 

Phishing or Malicious Email

Simulated Attacks

Mimicking actual email-based cyber-attacks and incorporating your “users” details, just like a real targeted cyber-attack would.

Teaching your staff and pupil

Targeted Training

Delivers short and easy to digest training to show your staff what they should look out for and best practices for how to respond when they identify an attack.

Report of Results

Compliance Reporting

Real-time and summary reporting is available throughout and can be downloaded so that you have documentation for auditing and compliance purposes.

Talk to us today for more information or request a 14 Day free trial that includes 2 email attack simulations and a pre-made training programme for your staff.

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