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We can help you to get your school Cyber Essentials certified in just a few days.

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Cyber Essentials is a UK government scheme, supported by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), intended to improve cyber-security, while keeping the approach simple and practical, and the costs low.

Cyber Essentials is becoming the official minimum requirement for cyber-security for UK Schools, including now being a requirement for Education and Skills Funding Agreements (ESFA).


Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates that your organisation has implemented basic, yet effective, cyber-security measures, and compliance has been shown to mitigate for over 80% of common cyber-attacks.

Supreme Systems can help you to get your school Cyber Essentials certified in just a few days, our system is simple and proven.


  • We’ll perform a cyber-security audit of your IT network focussing on the 5 key areas required by Cyber Essentials.
  • We’ll implement any remedial measures required for compliance, liaising with you to ensure zero disruption. These are usually small but important configuration changes, such as restricting administrative access or password strength requirements, and so on.
  • We’ll collate all the relevant information, complete the forms, and make a Cyber Essentials submission in your name.
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Other certifications we can help your school with…

Certificate or Award

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Get certified to the UK Government-sponsored cyber-security standards Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus fast, first time guaranteed with our comprehensive service that includes a cyber-security audit, submission of all forms. Our price includes the mandatory submission fees.

GDPR Shield

GDPR Compliance Monitoring

Our automated monitoring service will monitor your devices and alert you to any potential breaches so that you can rest easy knowing that you’re in compliance. This service also provides real-time and downloadable reports that you can use as evidence for audits.

We guarantee a successful application within just a few days. Contact us today for more information or request a quote with no obligation.

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