Cybersecure by Supreme Systems provides schools in the West Midlands with robust cyber security solutions to tackle a broad array of cyber threats.

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Catherine Voyce, Syston Town Council

We’ve worked with Supreme Systems for several years, and they are always fast to respond to developments in our organisation and provide us with technical support and advice whenever we ask.

Cyber Security and the need to comply with standards and regulations has been a priority topic for Local Councils in recent times and having support from a company like Supreme has been invaluable for us in ensuring that we meet these challenges and stay ahead of the curve.

In the past 12 months alone they have upgraded our disaster recovery systems so that we’re now able to recover from an attack in minutes rather than hours, added 2-Factor Authentication to provide an extra layer of security when we login to our systems and added a new ransomware protection service to all of our computers that we hope we’ll never need but sleep better at night knowing that it is there just in case.  Supreme provide us with regular cyber news updates with the latest IT protection information that we need to know and if we do receive a suspect email that we are unsure about, we are able to forward it to Supreme for advice on how to deal with it.

We’re very glad indeed at Syston Town Council to have Supreme Systems and our IT Support and Cyber Security provider.

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Stuart Milton, Metallisation Ltd



Supreme Systems handled the process of achieving Cyber Essentials perfectly, understanding fully the needs and urgency of the request. It is a testament to their advice and actions already in place that made the process of certification so quick and easy.



Melanie Johnson, Finance 4 Business

When Supreme Systems say they are pro-active with their Account Management they really mean it. They have worked with us continually and consulted with us at every step to provide valuable advice that allows us to make decisions on how our IT infrastructure can best serve our goals for how we want to work, increasing efficiency and, most recently, on securing our business against the ever present threat of cyber-attacks that all businesses face in 2021.

They reviewed our network security and made sensible suggestions providing business cases and risk assessments and this has led to them implementing a revision of how passwords are handled, restrictions on removeable media being attached to company devices and a range of other enhancements that protect our business.

They also review the services that they provide annually and don’t hesitate to make changes if they feel a better option is available – a recent example of which would be their move to a new Antivirus platform that they notified us of and rolled out without any disruption to our daily activities at all.

Having worked with Supreme Systems now for a number of years, I can say without hesitation that they truly do deliver on their promises and Finance 4 Business is a more secure business as a result.

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Nick Coley, Fitzgerald Civil Engineering Contractors


The team at Supreme worked closely with us providing constructive advice, in a format and language we could understand, that gave us the confidence to entrust the works to them. They managed the process seamlessly from start to finish, and provided an excellent level of service throughout.


If you have any queries regarding our managed IT support and cyber-security services for schools throughout the West Midlands, please feel free to contact us.

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